Outdoor Furniture


At Bented Worx, we always strive to achieve perfection — both in scope and in attention to detail — in every service we provide. More than anything else, we want to bring a bold new look to your home or business to create the type of spaces that you actually want to live and work in. This is especially true in terms of our outdoor furniture options, where we offer not only Adirondack chairs and concrete benches but also picnic tables and much more. We work with both wood and concrete materials depending on your needs — leaving you with an environment that is uniquely your own, precisely the way you want it. All told, we have what it takes to build the perfect outdoor spaces, together. So regardless of what your vision is for your home or business and no matter the scale of your project, Bented Worx has what it takes to meet your needs and exceed your expectations — no exceptions.


The team at Bented Worx understands that the outdoor space you’re working with is unique — which is why there truly is no “one size fits all” approach to selecting outdoor furniture. What works for your yard might not work for your next-door neighbor and vice versa. That’s why we always take the time to learn as much about your environment — and you — as possible. Once we collect all the necessary information, we’ll work with you to help make sure you understand your options so that you have everything you need to make the best possible decisions moving forward. In addition to factors like durability, you also want to make sure that elements like comfort, care, and style come together to create that exact look and feel that you’re going for. Truly, we want you to cherish the work we’re able to accomplish together for years to come.