Machine Cabinets


At Bented Worx, we have the ability to manufacture custom machine cabinets in a wide range of different styles for you to choose from depending on your needs. Whether you’re looking for CNC cabinets, workshop tables or something else entirely, we’ve been meeting the needs of customers like yourself and are enthusiastic about the opportunity to really show you what we can do when we work together.

Our team of professionals will work with you all throughout this process to help you create the perfect machine cabinet configuration for your specific workshop or space. We’ll work tirelessly to maximize the amount of available storage, all while still arriving at a heavy-duty solution that is more than capable of standing the test of time. Truly, our machine cabinets are the types of products that you can always depend on — exactly as they should be.


As you can see from some of the machine cabinets that we’ve made for our own offices, we’re capable of working within any size, shape or other dimensional requirements given your situation. We offer cabinets that can be custom-built to perfectly house a particular piece of equipment or other assets for your business, or cabinets that will simply free up valuable surface space so that you can devote those areas to more important tasks.

Regardless, we want to help make sure that your environment is as productive as it can be, and custom machine cabinets are a big part of how we help do it. We always take the time to learn as much about your goals as possible, all so that we can see your project through to a successful conclusion in the most efficient way that we can. All of our machine cabinets at Bented Worx are made right here in the USA — allowing you to rest easy knowing that your needs are finally taken care of.