Concrete Engraving


Concrete is about as permanent as any material that could ever be used in your house or commercial building, so concrete engraving is enduring as well as practical. During the initial planning stages, it’s important to work with an engraving service with a reputation for excellence and precision. You’ll start by choosing the message and the location for your engraving. Once you’re ready, you’ll contact your engraver to create a design. At Bented Worx, we work closely with our customers to ensure that the design we create is the one they truly want.

We’ll assist you throughout the design process to ensure that your engraving will be long-lasting and beautiful and will meet your needs. Once you’ve signed off on a design, we’ll schedule the work to be done. Much of our work is done onsite. We’ll show up to your location with the tools we need and get the job done quickly and with accuracy.


Concrete engraving has many practical uses — from custom pet memorials to pavers, stepping stones, memorial stones, yard boulders, commercial boulders, and more. The team at Bented Worx is able to engrave on both horizontal and vertical surfaces for total flexibility. You’ll start your concrete engraving project with conversations over email or on the phone. We’ll help you create a design that will mean something and get the point across during these initial conversations. Whether it’s a logo, a last name, a personal motto or another meaningful word or phrase, we’ll help you plan a project you can be proud of.

Our concrete engraving services are mobile! Once the design is approved, we’ll schedule the work to be done efficiently and quickly. When you work with Bented Worx, you’re working with a business known for its precision and excellent customer care — so you’ll be in good hands.


Bented Worx creates beautiful concrete engravings in homes and businesses. We can resurface your concrete floors and pathways indoors and out. Concrete engraving has many practical uses, and also adds timeless beauty to your property.