Stains & Dyes


If you want to take a relatively straightforward concrete space and transform it into something stunning and original, our stain and dye services from Bented are absolutely the way to go. They’re available in a wide range of colors for you to choose from depending on your needs, all with ingredients that guarantee a consistent, high-quality product for your next big project. Acid stains (also commonly referred to as Reactive Acid Chemical Stain, or RAC), for example, react with minerals in the concrete to create a look that will vary a bit from slab to slab. Even repairs to concrete, like filled cracks, will look slightly different from the surrounding area. Water-based stains bring incredibly vibrant colors to an otherwise simple space. Dyes penetrate the concrete and other materials, providing a varying and rich color that is unique unto itself. All told, dyes are the perfect option for situations where you have concrete, but just know that it can be more attractive with the right touch.


Depending on the vision you see for your outdoor space, the team at Bented will always work hard to understand what you’re trying to accomplish and what we need to do to help. Therefore, we’ll come to your home or commercial space and help you understand all of your available options, making sure that you always have the most complete picture to work from at all times. We’ll answer your questions and address your concerns, all so that you can be totally confident in the direction you’ve chosen to go. All of our experts will also be on hand — even after your project is completed — to offer you the continued support you deserve to get the most out of your experience.