Driveways Patios & Pool Decks


At Bented, we have the tools, the passion and the capabilities needed to turn any existing concrete space into a brand-new pattern or look — all of your own design. Decorative surfacing gives you an incredible chance to remodel your existing space by cutting unique patterns and textures directly into the surface. In this context, it’s used to simulate different types of materials like brick, tile, stone, pavers and more. One of our primary pieces of equipment is a state-of-the-art concrete engraving machine — the world’s first portable, decorative concrete engraving system that allows us to complete work at your site or in our shop depending on the needs of the project. From intricate free-form curves to perfect circles to straight-line cuts, whatever you see for your space is a vision we’re more than happy to help bring to life.


Let the team at Bented help you transform your existing patio or paver pool deck with custom sports team logos, nautical or wildlife designs and more. All this, and our engraving work with driveways, patios, pool decks and similar environments requires no additional coatings or the removal of existing concrete at all. Even the creation of complicated intersecting lines and graphic elements is easy thanks to the advanced tools and precision cutters that we work with daily. Not only that, but you’re getting the results you’re after at approximately two-thirds of the cost of traditional paver installations. You’ll also never have to deal with typical paver issues again like settling, molding and mildew joints, and especially weed growth. All told, this type of decorative concrete engraving is a perfect way to add depth and personality to your environment. With us by your side, unlocking the full potential of those exceptional outdoor spaces has truly never been easier or more enjoyable.