Brick Stone & Pavers


At Bented Worx, we’ve made it a point of pride to stay on the cutting edge of concrete engraving — literally. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment we use, we create any size, layout or pattern on your existing concrete surface that you’d like. Both pneumatic and electric tools can be used to cut into the surface with incredible precision, including options like abrasive diamond blades, shot blasting, the use of a reciprocating stylus and more. As a result, a combination of perfect lines and irregular patterns can be used to achieve and create the desired joint lines given the needs of the project. Woodgrain planks can also be added to existing concrete surfaces, too. These engraving services work well in both interior and exterior locations, and they’re often seen in private homes, commercial and industrial spaces and even event centers. They are also ideal for certain types of restoration or repair projects for older concrete that may be damaged.


We’re experts in just about every aspect of working with concrete and related materials — from brick soldiering to circular patterns to flagstones, cobblestones, pavers, custom stone patterns and more. While it’s true that tile patterned flooring is quite common, we can engrave it in any way that you’d like. We can reproduce (or even enlarge) certain original designs and graphics of your choosing, restore vintage concrete or produce specialty logos — all in a combination of textures and patterns. If you’re a business owner, it’s the perfect way to capture someone’s attention right when they walk through the door. As a homeowner, it can make your house that much more special. Just tell us what you see for your space, and we’ll get the job done exactly the way it should be.